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Purr 'n' Fur Home Page
Lists the most recent additions and updates to the site, and has links to all main sections

Famous Felines
Cats who became better known than the average feline
Simon of HMS Amethyst :: Socks Clinton :: Mrs Chippy :: Antarctic Cats :: Humphrey :: Dewey of Spencer Library
Room 8 :: Scarlett :: Hodge :: Trim, and more...

Featuring Felines
Real-life stories and adventures of cats
Cats' Adventures :: Cats in Wartime :: Church Cats :: Library Cats :: Museum Cats :: Practice Cats
and Working Cats

Feline Fun
Light-hearted stuff about cats
Our gallery of cat-related Pub Signs, plus
Jigsaws :: Pairs Game :: Crosswords :: Amusing Cat Photos :: Cat Quotes :: Links to videos etc

Fabled Felines
Cats in Fables, Fairytales and Festivals
Ypres Cat Festival :: Cheshire Cat :: Tale of Dick Whittington :: Puss in Boots, and more...
Note: in the past most pages in this section were moved to a slightly different location on the site. Redirects were put in place but will not remain forever, so you may arrive here if you followed an outdated link to a page or image in Fabled Felines. Take the link above to the Fabled index and you should find what you're looking for.

Feline Philately -- Cats on Stamps
Illustrated reviews of cat stamps from around the world, pages of 'cat postmarks',
and our article on topical/thematic stamp collecting

Note: pages from this section regularly change to another location as older reviews are moved to the archive, so you
may land here from an outdated link, but ALL pages are still available from the index page.

Fans of Felines
Well-known or famous people noted for their liking of cats

Feline Folios
Reviews of books we have enjoyed about cats

Feline Fragments
Miscellany of 'cat stuff' which doesn't fit into other categories
and Mini Fragments - short items of feline news past and present

Feline Flotsam
Small collection of original desktop wallpapers and some cat dingbat fonts

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