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There are numerous cat websites, but
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Approaching the completion of our eleventh year online,
Purr 'n' Fur continues to grow, with a wide selection of different sections and articles for the enjoyment of cat lovers.
The site is added to three times a year, normally in the spring, summer/autumn
and winter, with new material, updates and amendments.
The Summer/Autumn 2014 batch has been started.

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Most recent additions at Purr 'n' Fur
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September/October 2014 — just begun, more to follow

Philately: our latest review of cats on stamps

Our three pages for American Library Cats have undergone a major overhaul,
with many entries added and previous ones updated
Libraries  A-GH-NO-Z

Famous: account of space cats Félicette and Félix rewritten — it turns out that Félix didn't exist!

+ a number of smaller amendments and additions throughout the site

A small selection from earlier batches

Police Cats: Pringles of the County Sheriff's Office, Newberry, South Carolina
Adventures: lost and thought to have died last year, travelling cat Pikachu was found alive and well in February
Museum Cats: Jock VI is the new cat-in-charge at Chartwell, Sir Winston Churchill's former home
Church Cats: Pangur lives close to Wells Cathedral and the Bishop's Palace, and often invades Louis' and Maisie's domains
Museum Cats: Percy Katz of Joplin, Missouri now has company - Crystal and Roxie
Church Cats: Pushkin of the Birmingham Oratory met Pope Benedict in 2010
Museum Cats: Oswald is cat-in-charge at Stirling's Smith Art Gallery & Museum, Scotland
Cats with Disabilities and Burns: Justin - Caffrey - Gracie
Hotel Cats: Feline bed-warmers in Wabasha, Minnesota

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Purr 'n' Fur Contents

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Famous Felines
Cats who became better known than the average feline

Featuring Felines
Real-life stories and adventures of cats, under the headings
Cats' Adventures & Travels  ::  Cats in Wartime  ::  Church Cats  ::  Library Cats  ::  Museum Cats  ::  Practice Cats
and a subsection for other Working Cats

Fabled Felines
Cats in fables, fairytales and festivals

Feline Fun
Light-hearted stuff about cats, including jigsaws, quotations, amusing photos,
a crossword puzzle and pairs game, links to other fun stuff, and our gallery of British pub signs picturing cats

Feline Folios
Summaries and details of cat books which have given us pleasure

Fans of Felines
Well-known or famous people noted for their liking of cats

Feline Fragments
A miscellany of 'cat stuff' that doesn't really fit into other categories,
with a sub-set we've called Mini Fragments for a miscellany of short news items past and present

Feline Philately: Cats on Stamps
Fully illustrated reviews of cat stamps from around the world
from 2000 to the present, pages of 'cat postmarks' from various countries,
and an article about thematic collecting

Feline Flotsam
A small collection of original desktop wallpapers for free download, and some cat-related fonts

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Smiling Cats bar

Our featured feline: the beautiful marmalade character taking pride of place here on our home page was a Dutch kitten called Dabbe, belonging to colleagues who worked at the same college as I was in eastern Holland. Trust a cat to find the sunniest spot! — and his stripes contrasted beautifully with the duvet he was sitting on (Dec 1989).

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